Oroloma Solar Energy Project

SR Solis is developing over 200 megawatts of clean distributed photovoltaic energy located primarily within the California Central Valley. SolarGen USA’s focus is the development of smaller sites (typically ½ section or less) compatible with leasing agricultural property. Each facility can generate between 5-20 megawatts of solar power and is located where energy demand exists and transmission is less impeded.

The SR Solis Oro Loma and SR Solis Oro Loma Teressina each consist of an approximate 20-megawatt (20 MW) emission-free, photovoltaic (PV) electricity generating facility. The final electrical production of the project would be determined based upon the solar technology chosen. The solar farm would be patterned after similar environmentally-clean PV facilities that have been reliably and safely operating in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere for the past decade. It would utilize traditional flat-plate non reflective solar modules of the type found throughout the Valley on residential and commercial rooftops and in larger-scale installations such as those mounted on rooftops at the Fresno County Fairgrounds. The solar modules would be predominately mounted on low-to-the-ground fixed support structures, with a maximum height of 10 feet. The only noise generating components of the facility would be small (six to nine-inch diameter) cooling fans contained within the onsite power inverters. Electric transmission for the Project would be provided by a new approximately 1 1/4 mile above ground electric transmission line running east approximately .25 miles to Russell Road then running north to the Oro Loma substation approximately .5 miles north of the proposed site.

Oro Loma Teresina

Oro Loma Teresina (Fly By)

Oro Loma Teresina (Row)

To view the fly by simulations, please perform the following steps:

  1. Save the attached .kmz files to you’re a local computer directory (i.e. desktop)
  2. Open Google Earth
  3. In Google Earth, go to File > Open and select the “100331 Oro Loma Teresina FINAL.kmz” from your local directory
  4. Allow the file to load. This may take up to 5 or 6 minutes.
  5. In Google Earth, go to File > Open and select the “Oro Loma Teresina ROW.kmz” from your local directory. It should load quickly.
  6. In Google Earth, go to File > Open and select “Oro Loma Teresina Fly-By Final.kmz”
  7. The simulation should begin

Quick Facts

O Bar O Ranch, Russell Road
20 MW
Water Use:
250 gallons per year
160 acres~
1 mile (Barcellos property and Russell Road)